Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Inc. is a leader in the telecommunications industry. As an independent cooperative, we have the unique advantage of being able to take risks — allowing us to operate not just outside-of-the-box, but as though the ‘box’ doesn’t even exist.

We’ve seen many changes since our incorporation in 1956, but the root of our success has stayed the same. Whether we’re providing our state-of-the-art communications services to individuals, families, small businesses or large industries, we are guided by our mission statement:

Blue Valley Tele-Communications is a progressive, member-owned cooperative providing the highest quality, cost-effective services and dedicated to providing a superior customer experience using current technology for the communities we serve.

We also believe that collaboration, partnerships, and relationships are key elements to success — both ours and yours. So whether you are a current customer, a new customer, or just checking out what BVTC has to offer, we want you to know we value you. And we hope you’ll partner with us for all your communications needs.