Located in rural Kansas, BVT is an innovative, forward-thinking independent communications cooperative. Serving multiple communities throughout northeast Kansas, BVT keeps its focus on the people it serves.

One of the first in the nation to deploy fiber to even its most rural customers, BVT is a leader in the industry, winning multiple awards for its innovation, customer service, and leadership. 

Governed by a Board of Directors elected by the Patrons, BVT is focused on living up to its Mission Statement:

Blue Valley Technologies is a progressive, member-owned cooperative providing the highest quality, cost-effective services and dedicated to providing a superior customer experience using current technology for the communities we serve.

Knowing that collaboration, partnerships, and relationships are key elements to success, BVT strives to put your needs at the forefront of all its decisions. So, whether you are a current customer, a new customer, or just checking out what BVT has to offer, know you are valued!