Jake Schulte

IT Manager

How long have you been with the company?

I started in January 2016, but my experience goes well beyond my employment here.

Tell us about yourself

I'm a family man! I enjoy being involved in our church and in the community. 

Professional duties

I am the IT Manager for Networks Plus. I'm here to make our customer's lives a little less stressful by providing reliable IT solutions that are customized to fit their needs. 

Favorite part of your job

The people! I love to build relationships and partnerships with people in the community.

Little-known fact

I’m a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan! I follow every move they make the entire year. There aren’t many fans who are more passionate about their team than me!

Favorite movie

Goodness I’m really not sure! I like sports and action movies, but I find myself getting into the animated movies when watching them with my kids.

Toughest job you’ve ever done

The toughest projects are the ones that rely on multiple people to carry out their part of the project. Not necessarily the toughest, but it can be the most challenging. 

Biggest pet peeve

Not being punctual. I respect other people’s schedules and it drives me crazy when meetings/projects run behind schedule.

Who was your last text from?

My younger brother. We're planning a goose hunt and he's scouting a watershed that ducks and geese are using.

Favorite music genre

I usually listen to country music, but I always anticipate getting to listen to Christmas music! I love it!