Rick Stoll

NOC Technician

How long have you been with the company?

Since 1994

Tell us about yourself

I’m married to Sonja and we have three children: Nicolas, Bryton and Alexandra. My son Nicolas is married Sara, and they have a son, Oran. Bryton attends the University of Kansas and will be a rock star with a degree in mechanical engineering. Alexandra, who is way too pretty for her age, attends Marysville High School and loves cheerleading. I have a lifelong affliction causing me to not remember how hard and painful my last idea to build something was, so I keep trying projects I shouldn’t.

Professional duties

Keeping all TV channels going, helping keep the cable plant going, wireless Internet maintenance, tower work and generally doing whatever it takes to keep all our customers happy!

Favorite part of your job

It’s never boring! Lately I’ve had a chance to do some wireless installs for customers. There is nothing cooler than having a customer truly satisfied and grateful for the service you helped them with.

Little-known fact

I used to love to ride motorcycles.

Favorite movie


Toughest job you’ve ever done

Build houseboats

Biggest pet peeve

Drivers that can’t decide whether they should move into the turning lane or not, so they stay in both lanes.

Who was your last text from?


Favorite music genre

The Bryton Stoll genre