Protect your connected home & connected life on the go

eHomeShield premium cybersecurity package has everything you need to stay safe online. It combines world-class internet security for your phones and computers with cybersecurity for all internet-connected devices in your home. 

  • Secure your devices: protect all phones and computers from viruses in real time, without slowing them down. Browse the web and shop securely with extra protection while online banking.
  • Secure your home: stop hackers from permanently damaging your valuable internet-connected devices. Machine learning algorithms in your router prevent your home's smart devices like TV's, gaming consoles and appliances from being hijacked by criminals. 
  • Secure your privacy: every device in your home is protected from online tracking, blocking advertisers and snoops from making money at the expense of your privacy.
  • Secure your family: set healthy online rules for your children on all of their devices like phones, computers, TV's and gaming consoles with limiting device usage time and what kind of content they should see. 

For eHomeShield terms and conditions, click here.

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