PC Repair & Networking

Viruses. Scams. Alerts. When it comes to your computer, these terms are all too familiar — but protection is just a call or click away. Keep your computer safe with Secure IT Plus, or have your computer cleaned by our expert computer repair team.



Service Cost Delivery Features
Pick-up/Delivery $40 Pick-up & Delivery If you're unable to make it to our office, we can arrange for PC to be picked-up for a minimal fee.
Virus & Spyware Removal $179.95 In-store & Remote
  • All viruses/malware removed from device
  • Antivirus software updated and verified
  • A clean scan will be completed
Data Transfer $179.95 In-store & Remote Move data up to 10GB from one PC/storage device to another.


Hourly Rates Cost/Hour
In-store $90/hr.
Diagnostic Fee $40/hr.