BluePro Support

Personally, I am extremely naïve when it comes to today’s technology. When I was first introduced to BluePro, I thought it was just another virus protection program but it isn’t. It is so much more!

The Blue Pro Support Package provides 24/7 support on any device in your home that connects to the internet. So, if it is 2 a.m., you are in the middle of a Netflix marathon, and your Wii decides it doesn’t want to connect to the internet anymore—you can call the 800 number provided and they will help you get it up and running. This way you can finish that all-nighter you were so deeply involved in!

Blue Pro Support Package also provides Password Genie. I was one of those people who had all my passwords and information saved on Google. Apparently this is the WORST thing to do! Google is an information HOARDER. I did not have a rolodex with all my passwords in it until now. Password Genie saves my credit card information, passwords, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Because I have my phone next to me more frequently than an actual calendar or rolodex, this is extremely helpful to me.

Last but not least, Blue Pro Support Package provides SecureIT anti-virus software. Most of you have probably already heard of SecureIT, but you may not know it is so much more than just anti-virus software. SecureIT also includes parental controls, which is wonderful if you have children who have electronic devices that surf the web. It allows you to filter what the children are able to access through their browser. It is also a great tool if you are like me and keep your phone on silent but lose it CONSTANTLY. There is an alarm you can send to mobile devices through your portal.

This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with Blue Pro Support Package. I am very excited about this product and I hope that you have the privilege to experience it. If you'd like more information on our BluePro packages, click here