Farmer for a Day

A little perspective, like a little humor, goes a long way.
-Allen Klein

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit four farms in Kansas. It was refreshing to be able to step out of my typical workflow and see the challenges that face the heart of our customer base—those in the agriculture industry.

Each farm I visited was unique. I helped feed cattle, rode in a tractor, and even got to see how one farmer uses a drone in his operation. While all these experiences were fascinating, the one thing that resonated with me was how vital broadband is to these operations. Farmers are using broadband in incredibly innovative ways such as soil mapping, precision farming, and monitoring systems like irrigation water sensors.  Each of these methods is vital in the battle to increase crop production and efficiency. In fact, a statistic from the Food & Agriculture Organization says that the world will have to double its crop production by 2050 in order to feed the world. That’s a tall order to fill, and broadband will be essential in reaching the goal.  

Right now, some farmers are limited on broadband. Providers like us are striving to keep up with the demand, but it is a constant battle. That being said, we promise to continue fighting for all people to have the best quality service possible.

I’d like to thank the Kansas Farm Bureau for arranging some of these experiences. They provided me with valuable insight. Through my visits I valued learning about the challenges farmers face and how they overcome them. I learned about their commitment to the soil and their way of life. But most of all, I learned that a little perspective will go a long ways in trying to provide the best quality of service for all we serve.