I Trust my Kids. Why Do I Need Parental Controls for the Internet?

There I was, chatting with colleagues after a business meeting. We were doing a little friendly razzing of my CEO, and I decided to pull up his “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” video from a couple years back on YouTube to show our guests. Oh, how we laughed at his reaction to the icy waters…and oh, how I blushed when a suggestion for a topless “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” video popped up on the screen.

True Story. I could have died…

Now before you start thinking that suggestion was based off of previous perverted searches, let me assure you it was not. It was simply the relationship of the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” search. Eegads!

Let’s take a look at this example through the eyes of a parent. I, like many of you, only allow my kiddos to be on the laptop or tablets in a centrally located place in the house. My children don’t have access to social media sites without my approval, and they normally ask if they are going to a new website. But even though I have these rules in place, I have to tell you, this embarrassing experience opened my eyes to what my kids can accidentally be exposed to – whether it is through search suggestions, viruses, etc.

My oldest child recently graduated to a smartphone – even scarier!!  Although I trust my darling daughter (it helps she knows Mom is geeky enough to pull every site she has been to on her phone), I wanted a solution to safeguard my kids from the inappropriateness the Internet offers before it happens.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but I am truly thankful I have found the perfect solution for our family through the new BVTC BluePro packages. The BluePro package offers parental controls for both our PC and mobile phones. On the PC I can whitelist and blacklist websites, set time filters, control messaging features, control peer to peer sharing, disable file downloads, and more. And my daughter’s iPhone browser has now been replaced with a new browser that allows me to block sites and can even filter out sites that contain key words such as hate, drugs, illegal, etc. 

While I love the new BluePro packages because they support my home network, I love them even more as a parent. I now have the peace of mind that my kids can access the best of the Internet that will help them further their academics and provide clean entertainment, while leaving the dangers of the Internet behind.

Bottom line - good kids deserve good tools.