CES - Day 2

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show; an annual event where developers showcase their new technological and electronic innovations. Jerry Horton, IT Director for Blue Valley Technologies, is giving us a little glimpse into the future of all things technology.  

Today, I wished that I had adopted some smart wearables to count my steps, massage my lower back, and support my knees and feet! I am fairly certain that I’ve completed a couple of months worth of steps and cardio…But that didn’t stop me from seeing some amazing tech, talking to people from at least five different countries, and getting excited over products which are just around the corner! 

I started the day looking at smart home technologies. While it may seem like folks are just sticking a sensor on anything, building an app, and then calling it ‘smart’, there are some very intriguing products which will soon be on the market. The newer smart home tech uses the lessons of successes and failures in the market over the last few years to create some real value to consumers and businesses alike. Here is a small sample of what I saw: 

This is a flexible heater that was printed, not manufactured in a traditional way. It will maintain a constant temperature even if part of the plastic is damaged. Imagine wrapping that around a troublesome water pipe or the feed to a livestock waterer. They had this running on a 9V battery and it worked perfectly. 

Those crazy folks at Kohler don’t just have a smart toilet (see yesterday’s report) – they are determined to make the entire bathroom smart! The Moxie has a wireless smart speaker designed by Harman Kardon integrated into the shower head itself. 

It has long been known that smells are tightly connected to memory and mood. Moodo comes to market with a smart aroma diffusers and a wide array of scent disks for every occasion. 

I’m not sure how practical as a home mirror it might be, but yes, this is a smart mirror. I can see these being installed in hotels, restaurants, and conference centers. This would be a great way to list event schedules, advertise local businesses, or as wayfinding maps. 

Love to entertain,  but can’t mix a proper Manhattan? No problem – Kuerig has you covered with DrinkWorks. Utilizing the samem K-cup style as their wildly popular coffee makers, they have taken the product to the next level with adult beverages. 

Of course, no home is complete without our pets. Naturally, this is a ripe market for innovative smart gadgetry! 

This is a smart, self-cleaning litter box. Might be worth it, but I’m not a cat person… 

Sure Petcare is a company that has been in the smart pet tech business for a while. If your pet is microchipped, Sure has a smart food dish (shown here), a smart pet door, smart pet collars, and more. 

Yeah, this is a dryer for small animals. No, it doesn’t tumble them, but as the owner of two Yorkies, I can unequivocally state that they would object to being dried in a wind tunnel. Good idea, but it might need some refinement… 

Tomorrow, I will send you more information about smart kitchen, family tech, and health tech. Have a good day and be nice to your local geek or they may adapt the pet dryer to your size…