CES - Day 3

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show; an annual event where developers showcase their new technological and electronic innovations. Jerry Horton, IT Director for Blue Valley Technologies, is giving us a little glimpse into the future of all things technology.

Note: to view all the photos Jerry is referring to, please see the complete pdf at the bottom of the page.

What a day! I saw more smart home, smart city, smart car, robotics, AR/VR, and general technology than one could shake a whole bundle of sticks at. This show is exhausting, but oh so worth it!

Let’s start with some smart kitchen tech.

WBM Smart is an American company who tests, selects, and introduces cooking products which are popular in the Asian markets. They had over a hundred different products in their booth, which they plan to test market here in the U.S.

Yes, that is a self-heating coffee mug – a boon for coffee fanatics like me.

A smart kitchen thermometer to help you do a perfect sous de vide (cooking food that has been sealed into a container at low temperatures for extended times.) 

Cooking Pal presented a ‘does most everything’ cooking tool called the Julia (after Julia Childs.) I will probably get one of these since I do love my smart tech as well as kitchen gadgets!

Now, for some family tech! Babies, toddlers, and children (not to mention their parents) were the big winners with tons of tech to measure health and sleep, as well as educational games and gadgets galore.

Children learn computer coding with Matatalab toys. I had a lot of fun with this!

Singalong with a wide array of iHome eKid products!

Meet ClicBot – a fun way to learn programming and robotics. Pixar helped to create the emotional expressions of ClicBot. They had an entire group of ClicBots dancing, singing, and having conversations with each other, including one of the bots getting a scolding because it was goofing around. Thoroughly entertaining.

Personal tech was big. Really big. There were booths for exercise gear (tons of exercise gear), heated razors, toothbrushes, products for improved sleep, and even smart cosmetics and grooming tech. Honestly, it was a bit mind-boggling.

This is a printer for your nails. Pick a graphic, prep your nail, insert your finger, and voila! According to the ladies at the booth, this will work on both natural and artificial nails, once they are properly prepared.

This was the largest of about 30 booths I visited which featured smart personal care items. To be honest, I’m not sure why you would need to measure how frequently you exfoliate, but there it is.

For lack of a more descriptive product name, I am calling this one a ‘life meter’. This wearable is designed to help the elderly to age in place, giving extensive activity data to caregivers and adult children.

Losing your hair (for me, the answer is “Done did”)? Worry no more! You don’t need to use special shampoos or have a surgical procedure to implant plugs, just wear a laser hat to stimulate the capillaries and follicles. For me, I consider my hair a long-lost friend, never to return…

We all need to sleep and science has conclusively proven that we, as a nation, don’t get enough of the best type of sleep. If CES is any indication, there is significant amount of research and development going into improving our rest though comfort and setting the right conditions.

Sleep Number’s newest – the Climate 360.

Nope, not a tanning bed. This is a sleep enclosure made to create the perfect environment of comfort, sound, and oxygen levels to optimize your rest.

Is your biggest problem with a good night’s sleep due to the jet engine snoring next to you? This seems to be a major problem in Asia as well, because there were a number of products such as this to help minimize snoring.

My wife and I both like to sleep cool. I suspect that this is pretty common given all of the products I saw to regulate the temperature of the room, air, and bed itself. Chili Technology has a couple of different products.

Wrapping it up for today, here is one of a couple of products that I had chance to try which help you with your breathing, posture, and concentration via meditation. I found this one to be very intriguing as it is basically an EEG (measurement of brain waves) and the supporting software reveals useful data.

Although I am leaving tomorrow, I will post a couple of other reports about some extremely exciting developments in agriculture and robotics/artificial intelligence. For now, I am going to leave you with what I will call – Tech that makes you go ‘Huh?’

Go 4-Wheeling. Listen to tunes at a VERY high volume. Scare wildlife. Any questions?

Yes, this is a robot that looks a bit like Ahhh-nold! It’s primary job? To promote your products and services at conferences or other public venues. I’m not a marketing expert, but I’m not sure this is the best bang for the buck, although it is eye-catching.

A robot that plays and trains you in ping-pong. Enough said…