BVT Deploys Fiber to Bern

In 2021 BVT announced plans to deploy fiber-to-the-home in Bern. The company received a partial grant through the Kansas Department of Commerce to provide service to the underserved community. In recent years BVT has been awarded a total of five grants thus far, to assist with broadband deployment to unserved and underserved areas.

The Kansas Department of Commerce has had a strong focus on broadband deployment immediately following the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor Laura Kelly is quoted on the department’s website stating, “Kansans need high-speed internet to access healthcare, education, commerce and so much more. This funding is critical in our bold push to adequately connect and equip every part of Kansas for prosperity and growth, and to ensure that our state can compete economically.”   

BVT is recognized as one of the first in the nation to deploy fiber to even its most rural customers. Since 2007, the company has received multiple national awards for its innovation, customer service, and leadership. BVT remains committed to providing high quality services that are as cost effective as possible. Leaders at BVT continue to actively pursue and apply for grant dollars with the belief that everyone should have access to quality affordable broadband. Chief Executive Officer, Candace Wright said, “Collaboration, partnerships, and relationships are key elements to our success. This is why BVT strives to always put its customer’s needs at the forefront of our decisions.”    

The Bern project was temporarily delayed due to issues with the supply chain and contractor schedules. However, construction is back on track with plans to complete later this summer.

The BVT fiber footprint is rapidly changing as Baileyville and Blue Rapids were connected over the past couple years. The rural areas north of Frankfort and east of Winifred will be connected in the coming weeks and plans to deploy residential fiber-to-the-home in Marysville are underway.

The company recently hosted two launch parties in Bern where information about the new service was presented.