Below you will find our most frequently asked questions concerning the digital transition. If you have further questions, be sure to call our office at 877.876.1228 or email us at info@bluevalley.net

To keep up with technological advancements, BVTC must upgrade to an all-digital platform.  Due to bandwidth limitations on an analog system, we are no longer able to technically add more channels, yet network contracts demand carrying specific channels. Although you will need a digital STB or a DTA for each TV, you will gain nearly 50 new HD channels, a channel guide, and an overall better viewing experience.

No, it is not required to have a digital or hi-definition (HD) TV to enjoy the new features.  Your TV service will be the same as it has been, except it likely will appear sharper, have more vibrant colors, and improved audio quality.  A HD TV is necessary to fully experience HD quality programming.  Without a HD TV, the customer may not notice a difference between standard-definition (SD) and HD channels.

The monthly cost of a DTA is $3.99. However, be sure to ask our office about how you may qualify for a free box.

Select the MENU button on your remote. Arrow down to “Closed Captioning. Arrow over to select “Auto”. Press OK.

Yes. You can personalize your parental control options in the menu panel. You will need a required PIN#. This should be unique to you.

Once your DTA is installed, you will receive the below features:

  • Additional channels, including the Olympic Channel and 50 music channels
  • Up to 59 additional high-definition (HD) channels
  • Crystal-clear picture and sound
  • Interactive on-screen channel guide

Blue Valley’s BVtv service is going all digital! This will allow you to view more channels, have improved services, and ensure a better customer experience.

There are two scenarios:

  1. If you have televisions that are not connected to a BVTC set-top box (STB) today, then you will need new equipment to receive TV service. You can choose a digital STB or a Digital Television Adaptor (DTA).
  2. If you have one or more televisions connected by a digital STB, then you will not need to do anything on those respective TV’s. The DTA’s are just for TV’s without a digital STB.

DTA refers to a Digital Television Adapter, also known as a converter box.

A DTA box converts the encrypted digital channels coming from BVTC to your TV. Encryption is required by most content providers between BVTC’s headend and your home.