The DTA will not turn on:

  • Make sure the POWER light on the front of the DTA is lit green.
  • If the DTA is connected to a switched outlet, make sure the switch is on.
  • Unplug the DTA from the outlet, and then plug it back in.
  • Make sure the remote control is in DTA mode, and turn the DTA on by pressing the DTA button.

The remote control does not work:

  • Make sure the remote control is in DTA mode.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions between the remote control and the DTA. Aim the remote control directly at the DTA box, not the TV.
  • The angle between the remote control and the DTA may be too large. Stand in front of the DTA and not too far to either side.
  • Press and release buttons one at a time, firmly and deliberately.
  • Check the batteries in the remote and install new batteries if needed.

There is no video on the screen:

  • Ensure the TV is on and set to the appropriate input.
  • Make sure the DTA is on and turned to an authorized cable channel.
  • Ensure the cables between the DTA and the TV are firmly connected.
  • Make sure the coaxial cable feed is finger-tight to the DTA and the wall jack.

There is no audio when viewing cable channels:

  • Press MUTE on the remote control to restore sound.
  • Note: If MUTE doesn't restore your audio, it is possible you programmed your volume to the DTA, not the TV. See the installation guide to fix this issue.

No closed captions display:

  • Make sure closed captions are enabled in the Menu section of your DTA. 
  • Note: Closed captioning may not be available for the current program.