BVtv TV Services

Your favorite channels, your can’t-miss shows, your must-see movies…we have it all! Check out our customer-built line-up, featuring over 80 channels on the basic package. You’re sure to find something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Package Cost/Month
Skinny Package $25.00/mo.
Basic Package (includes Skinny) $89.95/mo.
Expanded Package $25.00/mo.
Movie Plex Options Cost/Month
HBO $14.99/mo.
Showtime $14.95/mo.
Cinemax $12.95/mo.
Starz!/Encore $12.95/mo.
All Four Movie Plexes $51.95/mo.
Set-Top Box Options Cost/Month
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) $10.00/mo.
HD Set-Top Box $7.00/mo.
*Prices do not include additional taxes and fees.

Online Streaming Options 

Want to watch your favorite shows on the go? When you subscribe to BVtv, you automatically get Watch TV Everywhere access which means you can take your favorite programming on the go! Get your Blue Valley account number and click the link below to sign up today!

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