Landline Phone

Landline Phone service couldn’t be more straightforward. It is still the most secure, most reliable means of communication, and is your best bet in case of an emergency.

If you are a low-income household, you may be eligible for a discount through the National Lifeline program. You can check eligibility at

Landline Options Price/Month
Residential Landline Phone $18.75/mo.
Residential Landline Phone + Caller ID $24.50/mo.
Business Landline Phone $21.75/mo.
Long Distance Service Price/Minute
Basic Plan $0.12/min.
100 Minute Block $9.95/mo.
Unlimited Long Distance (Residential Only) $27.95/mo.
Charges do not include Subscriber Line Charge, E-911, FUSC, KUSF or state/federal taxes. Business rates may vary for multi-line and hunt groups. Please contact us for more information.